What Will I Be When I Grow Up?

We all have unique talents, but in a changing economical landscape, do talents translate to money?  Most of the time, those things we grew into passions as children don’t become careers.  As a graduate of a performing arts school, the reality is that most of us didn’t make it as the American Idol, film producers and super stars, or well-known artists.  A few of us did, though, and maybe that is what spurs some to continue chasing dreams.

The good news is this.  Talents teach us an important tool necessary in becoming what you will be when you grow up–discipline.  Passion, as well, is positive energy that can translate into something that might generate an income.

Rock stars and drama queens are great performers who can leverage a sales platform or a career in public speaking.  Dancers can open up their own business–a teaching studio.  Writers might find a path in corporate America creating websites and blog content.  Athletes’ leadership and ambition can likely push them up a company’s ladder.

“What will I be when I grow up?”  is a question we can ask at any age.  The answer lies in both down to earth and reaching for a dream.  Somewhere in the middle is that high-energy place where true passion for how you live your days meets with paying the bills.


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